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Martial Art not listed

Want to do a martial art that isn’t listed in Ninjas and Superspies or Mystic China? It’s possible. Two options: either find the martial art in some other Palladium supplement and seek GM approval or discuss with GM for reskinning of an existing marital art.

EX: Krav Magha uses Jiujutsu stats but teaches Hebrew instead of Japanese.

Called shots

If a character needs to hit a very small target, or wants to target a specific body part on an enemy, they need to call the shot.

Called shots come in different difficulty levels of difficulty and can achieve different effects as a result:

Easy called shot: Hit an arm or leg: -3 strike
If target fails to dodge or take cover they are at either -1 PS or -1 SPD until they receive medical assistance.

Difficult called shot: Hit a vulnerable point (head, liver, heart)
If target not wearing armor that covers the target point, half of the rolled damage goes to target HP even if they have remaining SDC. -6 strike. If character using a martial art with Death Blow as a move use Death Blow rules instead.

Death Blow clarification

If a martial art lists Death Blow as a special attack / modifier use the rules found on pg. 129 a Death Blow is a called shot against a very difficult target and imposes a -6 to strike.

If a martial at offers Death Blow on a natural 20, natural 19+ or natural 18+ any attack using that martial art (including weapon katas) will automatically be treated as a successful death blow. There is no need to announce the attempt, but the defender still must beat the MODIFIED death blow roll with an UNMODIFIED parry roll.

Death blows can be dodged.

Rules Erratta

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