Colonel Michaiela Federova

The deeply feared chief of the KGB's mysterious 13th directorate, Canadian office


Colonel Federova’s public persona is famous. A three-time olympian, she won gold for marksmanship in 1960 in Rome, took silver in the triathalon in 1964 in Japan (story hook), and Biathalon the same year during the winter olympics in Innsbrook.

Prior to a lateral move to the KGB, Colonel Federova attained the rank of captain in the Soviet Air Forces where she was one of their top-rated MiG-15b pilot, having distinguished herself early in her career in the end days of the Korean war.

Information on her precise capabilities is limited, but Colonel Federova is known to be proficient with basically all modern weapons, to be a talented pilot, and to be absolutely lethal with a rifle. She is also likely highly educated and should be expected to be a dangerous foe both in direct conflict and from a distance.



Colonel Michaiela Federova

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