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A Colder War is set starting in the year 1967, with the initial setting being downtown Toronto, Canada, though the players may eventually travel far afield.

The Cuban Missile Crisis may have passed but the arms race is still running full-steam ahead. Meanwhile, locally, the new city hall has finished construction, and a massive fight is being waged between developers hot to build office towers in the blocks directly north of the bright new building, and the residents of the suddenly valuable Chinatown that occupies the space.

Hidden up a narrow staircase above a Dim Sum restaurant rests the offices of Greenchapel Exports Inc. This office conducts clandestine intelligence activities for Sir Basil Greenchapel, who may himself be an employee of the SIS or a contractor for the RCMP.

However the reclusive alcoholic is rarely in the office, preferring to leave the small team in his employ largely to their own unspeakable devices when on missions of… questionable legality.

As the story begins Greenchapel has called upon the party to locate a valuable artifact currently in the possession of the Russian consul general.

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