Yuan Dahu

THE head of the Toronto area Golden Star Triad, BAMF


Yuan Dahu is known by the players to be extremely dangerous. He’s a master martial artist, and has a reputation for having an encyclopedic knowledge of weapons both modern and ancient.


RCMP Dossier - Yuan “Big Tiger of Dundas” Dahu - Confidential

Yuan began his career as a soldier in the Kuomintang. However, when the rest of the army fled to Taiwan, he made for some of the remoter corners of South East Asia. He disappeared for a decade before resurfacing in Britain under a passport that is suspected of being a CIA forgery. [character hook]

Regardless, he evaded capture by authorities, largely by being a complete vicious monster of the caliber of the Kray Twins. When it became clear that the noose was tightening, Dahu transported his operation to Canada, and promptly took over the drug and prostitution businesses throughout most of downtown, edging out the Italian and Irish gangs.

We suspect that he never goes anywhere entirely unarmed, but when he goes to war, the Big Tiger of Dundas has been whispered to go to extremes up to and including grenade launchers. However searches of his property have come up empty.

And there are rumours he can cause earthquakes just by stomping his feet.

Basically, the first rule is: don’t fuck with Yuan Dahu.

The RCMP and the Toronto City Police have both made several attempts to build a case against the powerful crime lord. So far they have been unsuccessful.

Yuan Dahu

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