Peyton Greenchapel

Master of disguise, douche


Peyton Greenchapel is the only known child of Sir Basil Greenchapel.

Raised by an ever-changing roster of nannies, Peyton was shipped off to a boarding school for the children of wealthy families at an early age. As such, he regularly complains his father showed him little attention as a child, which is a bone of contention between the two.

Peyton attended Harvard, and will bring it up at any given opportunity despite claiming it isn’t a big deal.

After barely graduating he sleazed around Hollywood trying to be an actor and spending his father’s money. When he was forced to flee LA after seducing the wife of a mob-connected producer, Peyton returned to Toronto to join his father’s firm.

His time in Hollywood wasn’t a complete waste, though, since while hanging around on film sets he became skillful in the use of makeup and prosthetics that allow him to fashion highly convincing disguises. Combined with his natural “acting” skill, this helps aid his abilities in deception and espionage.

He’s fond of turtlenecks and mod suits, and is rarely seen without tea shades. He is into mind-expanding substances, whiskey-based cocktails, Hendrix and faux-Eastern spirituality. He is also an unabashed womanizer.

A crack shot with light weapons, an expert in Krav Maga, and a natural schmoozer, on paper Peyton has the skills to be an excellent secret agent. But will his considerable ego and irresponsible ways prove his undoing?

Peyton Greenchapel

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