Hamish O'Flaherty

A bush pilot and major league baseball rookie


Hamish is contracting as a pilot for Sir Basil, whenever one is needed. Nobody is exactly sure why, and the two men don’t like each other much. Sir Basil is, of course, known for his hatred of Irish Catholics, while Hamish finds the elder spy a horrible stuffed shirt.

He’s very strong, exceptionally good at baseball, and knows nothing about life in the big city. This makes him kind of gullible.


Hamish is a bit of a bumpkin. From Northern Ontario, his parents moved to the province from Newfoundland looking for mining work. Hamish became a bush pilot and had some success, but his passion was baseball at which he excelled. He’s recently been drafted by the Blue Jays.

Around the age of 15 Hamish ran away from home, disappearing for nearly a decade before he resurfaced in Thunder Bay.

Hamish O'Flaherty

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