Belinda Zhao

A community organizer, feminist, possibly a marxist.


Characters know no details of Zhao’s capabilities beside what can be gleaned from the RCMP dossier on her.


RCMP Dossier - Subject Belinda Zhao - Confidential

Intelligent, willful and athletic, Belinda Zhao is the daughter of a Hong Kong business man and a revolutionary who fell out of favour in the aftermath of the Chinese civil war and fled the mainland.

She traveled around the majority of Asia throughout her youth with her mother who continued to spread the fires of revolution throughout southeast Asia. She was the last person to see her mother [story hook] prior to her disappearance in Vietnam in 1962.

Zhao moved to Canada as a student and earned a BA in electrical engineering with a concentration on telephone and radio systems. We suspect she began attempts to radicalize her classmates while there. We know she was deeply involved with several questionable groups, including the AAM and women’s liberation groups.

After school she opened an amateur radio hobby store. We suspect it is a front for the Red Chinese CID. We don’t know if Zhao is currently in contact with her mother; she is in contact with her father (copies of correspondence attached) who remains in Hong Kong.

Belinda Zhao

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